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Periodic Inspection Reports and PAT testing

We can provide you with Periodic Inspection Reports and PAT testing of appliances. We can also sort out smoke detectors, heat detectors and CO2 detectors. If you are renting your property to the Local Authority they may require any or all of the above tests carried out. We can normally carry out all test in…
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Dangerous Wiring

We came across this wiring in an installation recently. We cleaned up the wiring and earthed the pipes.
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Crazy Wiring in Home

We came across this wiring in a house in Monkstown. It was recessed lighting installed. We don't think this was an electrician that completed this work.
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Emergency Call out

We got a call out to a house in the Dun Laoghaire area because a MCB kept tripping out. On investigation we discovered a screw had been put through the conduit and cable, causing a short circuit to earth. Screw going straight through cable causing trip switch to operate
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Solar PV panels to save on electricity bills

If you want to know about solar PV panels and how to save on electricity costs while at the same time helping the environment give us a call. We can advise you on the best system for you. We can also help you with the grant application.
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Periodic Inspection Reports and Thermal imaging

Thermal Image of fuse board taken during Periodic Inspection Report While carrying out Periodic Inspection Reports we take Thermal Image Photographs to ensure there is no overheating of equipment. The above image was taken of a fuse board. the high temperate of 30C was caused by a contactor.
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Solar PV Electricity

Carraher Electrical is now a registered company with SEAI for the installation of Solar PV. We can design, install and test Solar PV systems and assist in grant applications.
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Recessed lighting can be dangerous

Even when recessed lighting is installed correctly, over time it may become dangerous. If halogen bulbs are used a tremendous amount of heat is transferred into the space between the ceiling and the floorboards above them. If someone moves the cables while doing some other work it may bring the cables into contact withe the…
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