Too many connections

We came across this in a house we were asked to check out after another electrician was working in the house. This was one of many faults in the house we came across. The standard of work was very poor.

Thermal Imaging to identify potential problems

Bright spot on image could identify a problem. In this case it is a bell transformer We at Carraher Electrical can carry out thermal imaging of distribution boards and any plant equipment to quickly check for overheating and potential problems
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Infra Red Images for Periodic Inspection

Infra red images taken during a Periodic Inspection Test During a Periodic Inspection of a premises, we took infrared images of the distribution boards. This gave us a quick indication of the state of the distribution board. Infrared thermal imaging is very effective in locating hot spots on a board.
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Shower switch could have caused fire

We came across this in a house in Shankill during the week. Luckily it burnt itself out and the shower stopped working. The owner called us out and we quickly found the problem.
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Safety this Christmas

If using candles, keep them away from flammable materials. Never leave them lighting when out of the room. Do not use candles near curtains. Unplug all Christmas lights at night. Do not leave phone chargers plugged in overnight. Where possible use LED bulbs instead of Halogen bulbs.
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