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Insulation breakdown on Cables

Chemical reaction between Insulation and copper conductor Some cables installed in Ireland during the 70's and early 80's had a problem with their insulation. A chemical reaction developed between the copper and the insulation. A green gunge is produced by this reaction and the insulation of the cable breaks down. If this occurs a rewire…
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Free Electricity From Solar PV

Solar PV Panels on roof of house There are grants of up to €3000 for the installation of Solar PV. Solar pv improves the BR rating of your home and also adds value. We instal an iboost with all our systems which ensure that the elecricity generated by the solar panels will heat your water.…
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Emergency Call out

We got an emergency call out on Saturday evening from an elderly customer who's central heating clock had stopped working. Luckily we had a spare clock in stock and were able to get her heating going in a very short time.
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Free Electricity and Helping the Planet

2.15 Accmulative tree planting and accumulative emissions reduction of 0.78 tonnes of CO2From the above the benefits of Solar PV to the environment are very obvious. We are delighted to be involved in the design and Installation of Solar PV. When we install a system we also include an iBoost which utilises the excess electricity…
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What work we are carrying out.

In the current situation, we are carrying out emergency calls, all outdoor work, garden lights, sockets etc. We are also carrying out Solar PV installation as this is mainly conducted outdoors.
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Emergency call outs

If you have an emergency with your electricity, it is better to phone us in the 1st instance. A lot of problems can be rectified over the phone and will therefor not require a call out to your home. This is especially true if its your sockets not working. 9 times out of 10 we…
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Emergency Call outs Covid 19

We had two emergency call outs this weekend for elderly people. In the first instance we had to keep informing the older person about social distancing. In the second instance a younger nephew of the older person kept coming within the social distance area. We had to tell the person we would have to leave…
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Save money and the environment with Solar PV, free electricity.

From above graph we can see the amount of electricity generated over a number of days. On the right hand side we can see the benefit to the environment. Accumulative tree 1.27 trees. Accumulative CO2 emissions reduction 0.46t. If you and your neighbour want to install Solar PV on your home we will price each…
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Environmental Benefits of PV solar system

PV Solar system in less than 3 weeks and we see the benefits to the environment already. tree planting 0.96 trees and .36t of CO2 emmissions reduction. We are delighted with the results so far. If you are interested in learning a bit more about Solar PV please give us a call.
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